A Metro-North passenger caught the conductor of his Harlem line train reading a newspaper at the helm. He glances up once or twice as the track signals him, but, yeah, he’s definitely reading the paper. Our vigilant passenger can be heard in the video indicating the train (“the :34 from Wakefield to Grand Central”), and then, after a pregnant pause, “The guy driving the train is reading a newspaper. He’s not even looking up.”

The MTA has removed the conductor from his post, and they’re investigating the incident further. But they also released a statement indicating that the Metro-North trains are designed to stop even if there’s no one at the helm, or if the conductor completely ignores the signals. So, you know, if the news is particularly engrossing on a given morning, you’ll be fine, Metro-North passengers!

You’ll notice the New York Post watermark on the video. Evidently, they bought the video from the passenger. Oh, and guess what? The newspaper the inattentive conductor is reading? It’s the New York Post. (Photo: BitchCakesNY/Flickr)