So, this one time, artist Pedro Reyes had 1527 donated firearms steamrolled, melted and made into shovels that kids used to plant 1527 trees, in Culiacán, Mexico, known for its high gun-related deaths. How sweet. Blegh.

But then, the Mexican government heard about Reyes’ upcycling ways and said, hey, we’ve got all these machine guns, revolvers, shot-guns, various handguns and clips we confiscated from… individuals of lucrative trades… Want to pop by our public weapon destruction event and pick some up?

Behold! A 50 instrument fully functional orchestra — drums, harps, flutes, and fuckin’ flutes — all playing Imagine by John Lennon. It’s called Imagine. Imagine all the people, living life in peace! Ooooh, yeah… Just don’t imagine all where the bullets that were once in these barrels trumpet trunks went.

On display now at the Adhocracy exhibition at the Istanbul Design Biennial 2012.

(Images: DesignBoom