Olean Street, a sleepy, residential lane in Brooklyn’s Midwood neighborhood, is the newest and hottest spot for steamy, awkward, backseat-of-car teenaged sex, locals say. “Nobody sees them, so it’s a good place to hide,” Midwood resident Leah Friedman told Brooklyn Daily, extolling but one of the trendy spot’s many virtues. One anonymous neighbor agreed, claiming an evening spent on Olean could lead to a lifetime of romance and commitment. “That’s how I know people are getting engaged, when I see young couples in the cars,” he or she said. “This is where weddings start!”

First it was Gregory Place, a secluded street behind a Park Slope Key Food, then it was the lawn furniture in back of a Red Hook Ikea, and now this. Will those zany Brooklyn teens ever stop finding wacky spots to do their necking, or whatever it is teenagers do? And, perhaps more importantly, will those zany Brooklyn adults ever stop wanting to read about it?

(Photo: Jason Meredith/Flickr)