Miniature Manhattan Skyline Rightfully Among Miniature Cities In Solo Show

08.28.12 David Lumb

London-based artist Slinkachu’s got a thing with splashing the big life via miniatures, but the above is one of a mix of cityscapes he’ll be featuring in his upcoming show, Global Model Village, opening September 27 in Andipa Gallery. The show’s title is also the title of his book to be released on the same day, which will also include photo pieces of Moscow, Cape Town, Paris, Beijing, Hong Kong, and London. Unlike the magicians of yore, Slinkachu’s book is happy to reveal each image’s surrounding context with an establishing shot on the facing page:

Slinkachu’s also teasing an appearance on this side of the pond–“We are also organising a pop-up show in New York for early October…”–so stay tuned, city!

(Photo: Slinkachu)