Mittformer! Your Kids Will Flip-Flop For It!

10.03.12 Marina Galperina

The commie parents that indoctrinated their kids into this anti-Mitt Romney parody toy commercial are Pinkos and I want to see their birth certificates immediately!

See Mittformer demonstrate his “power to change at super speeds” and swing his moveable arms emphatically around as he quakes out various conflicting messages he sent to politically opposed groups from sea to shining sea, regarding everything from health insurance to reproductive rights.

This is hilarious. And sad. Also, educational. “Let God Plan Parenthood” is an actual sticker people actually stick on things. Naturally. So slide off those rubbers and do Jesus’s bidding, mens!

And as a juggernaut of ridiculousness that is Romney’s entire persona, it keeps on vomiting forth meme after meme after meme… Wait, what’s this? Heeeey, wealthy ladies!

Debates tonight at 9pm Eastern time on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, YouTube and etc.