Artist Molly Crabapple got her Kickstarter project The Shell Game funded in roughly two days and now it’s almost at $20K over the goal. How? Great ideas, legit art, nifty friends and not forgetting to take care of her backers. Close your jaw. Kickstarter now distributes more funds for art than the National Endowment for the Arts. Because every time I update her Kickstarter, there’s more art dough, here’s some advice from the pro.

“I’m totally staggered and blown away by all the enthusiasm and awesome people have showered on Shell Game. I felt pretty terrified asking for 30k to draw funny animals and sarcasm,” Molly tells ANIMAL. “Thanks especially to Warren Ellis, Neil Gaiman and Zoe Keating for twittering my evil schemes, and just in general, thank you Internets.” She’s currently brainstorming her nine giant painting series that reflect “the different parts of the collapse and the global movement fighting back (including Goldman Sachs, Greece, and Occupy Wall Street).” Aside from the hours of art labor, the money will go to fund a backers only art opening in a rented storefront rigged out like a casino. Molly’s advice to artists with aspiring Kickstarter projects, like hers:

“People really love limited edition rewards. It’s cool to add new rewards throughout the Kickstarter. I added a sketch of the Greek riot dog on Day 2 — it was snatched up instantly. Also, give GOOD rewards. A postcard and an eternal thank you aren’t very creative.”

What will she do with the extra money? “I don’t know — wheatpaste poster campaign? Cooler decorations? Paying my crew the saleries they deserve — they are amazing and work hard!”

You’ve been schooling.

(Photo: Bill Wadman)