meltdowArtist Molly Crabapple has been all kinds of nifty in the Occupy Movement, and now, she’d really like to make “big, fancy, impressive art, about the ways in which big, fancy, impressive entities have profoundly screwed us up.” And because she’s such a crowdsourcing lil commie, she wants you to help her launch an art show in a storefront. 

On the trail of her hugely successful Kickstarter project for Week in Hell, Molly will paint “nine giant paintings about the different parts of the collapse and the global movement fighting back (including Goldman Sachs, Greece, and Occupy Wall Street), but filter them through my lens of burlesque, surrealism, satire, and symbolic animals” for Shell Game: An Art Show About the Financial Meltdown. The storefront will be rigged out like a gambling parlor and we’re promised girls bathing in bathtubs of fake money. Contribute and get arty rewards and spy on Molly through a backers-only blog and livestreamed painting sessions.