Morbid Anatomy’s Book Is Going to Be Bloody Awesome

Morbid Anatomy, your virtual and IRL Brooklyn hub for “survying the interstices of art and medicine, death and culture” — has had its Kickstarter more than funded. Can’t wait for the art book of to come out. Seems like a lot to cover…

Topics covered will include anthropodermic bibliopegy (ie. books bound in human skin), 19th Century Diableriescollections of preserved human tattoos,death themed 19th century Parisian cabarets, extreme taxidermypopular wax anatomical modelscollecting deaththe Anatomical VenusSanta Muerte and Death in MexicoTerror Management Theory, “artist of death” Frederik Ruyschmacabre collections, and much, much more.

And it’s going to be beautiful, because, see, the like real old paper fucking books over there. There have been many educational, entertaining speaking sessions and events at Morbid Anatomy, and all that work is going to be presented in an anthology as a series of essays and beautifully art directed visual documentation. Not for people perturbed by deformed decapitated jarred fetus heads, obviously. Support community arts!