Now that President Obama has been named TIME Magazine’s Man of The Year, get ready for more and more Obama art! Sigh. Let’s start with Michael Murphy, a Georgia-based artist specializing in multilayered sculptures, who was commissioned by TIME to create a massive 8′ X 6′ X 7′ cardboard sculpture of President Barack Obama.

“The goal with this piece was to capture Barack Obama’s essence in a way that formally referenced the current political climate in America and offered a tactile glimpse at the divide between its two dominant political parties,” states Murphy.

The sculpture consists of 66 hand-cut cardboard plates suspended with white braids, aligned in 3 dimensional layers, creating a unique view from each possible vantage point. As the viewers step further from the head on facing point of the sculpture to side angles, the more distorted the image of the president becomes, commenting on the multidimensional aspects of the leadership position. Murphy uses two primary color palettes: red and blue, naturally commenting on the electoral process. The sculpture begins with the smaller cardboard vector at the very front, gradually increasing in size to signify growth and bipartisanship. Grow grow grow grow grow.