Last year, shootings after the West Indian Day parade in Crown Heights led to a number of deaths, including that of a woman who was caught in the crossfire. This year’s celebration took place as scheduled (well, an hour late) on Monday, and by early Tuesday morning, two Crown Heights residents had gunshot injuries, and two others had been fatally stabbed. These acts of violence took place literally within minutes of the parade concluding at 6:00PM: the shooting victims were shot at about 5:15, the stabbing deaths around 6:00 and 6:30. Parade goers have begun to anticipate the violence and plan accordingly. “We come early,” 58-year-old Vanada Miller told reporters, “Because later on, when they start running, we can’t run with them. If they start shooting, I call my friend to come pick me up.” (Photo: cisc1970/Flickr)