Morse Code Twittering Gadget: Tworse Key

02.01.12 Marina Galperina

TworseHere’s a hack art thingamabob from Martin Kaltenbrunner that allows an old-timey Morse code machine to turn finger taps into Tweets à la @TworseKey. Watch it go. Brilliant.

Also, here’s the free source code and all hardware schematics, the deets, the API and LAN and blah-blah-whatnot. Yeah, “a very elementary circuit,” ok, I do not know how this works. Yet, my tech-illiteracy won’t stop me from eeeeee!!!-ing all over this nifty little hack.

I love this Tworse Key, even though it only tweets cute nothings, and the demonstration video? Let’s just say somewhere between the subtle sepia hue and the theramin Swan Lake cover, it won. It’s the most analog of communication machines transmitting directly into the freshest communication platform we’ve currently got. C’mon. It’s exciting.