A politically-charged mural in Inwood that spelled the word “Murderers” and criticized many issues and organizations — the NYPD included — was painted over only days after it went up. And it wasn’t a paint a crew that that did the buffing, it was plainclothes police officers from the 34th Precinct reports DNA Info. The wall, which is owned by New Edition Cleaners and adjoins Asham Park, was done with permission by graffiti writers KET, NOXER, and TRES on Thursday, but by Monday it was covered in black paint because the police apparently weren’t happy about its message.

“I have been painting that wall for over six years. The owners have also always been on board with all the murals I’ve painted there,” said KET to ANIMAL. “They were uncomfortable with a public message calling the NYPD murderers.”

The owner of the store apparently didn’t want to get into it with the police after they visited her and informed her the mural must go, telling DNA Info:

I can’t confront them, because I don’t want problems,” New Edition Cleaners owner Marina Curet, who has owned the business for five years, said in Spanish. “There is no freedom of expression.”

The NYPD has yet to respond to our request for information about the incident.

(Photos: Alan KET and Isham Alley Garden/Facebook)