We at ANIMAL have soft spots for timelapse videos, so here’s a video for Kalle Mattson’s “Water Falls.” Half timelapse, half… yo-yo? Spliced within sunset beach crawls and a moonrise over the Golden Gate are short, repeated shots that zoom out from a point in the street to hang out over the edge of San Francisco for a hot percussive second before swinging back (cutely coined “spatial-lapse“), directed by Kevin Parry and filmed by Andrea Nesbitt.

Like with Parry’s previous video for Mattson’s “Thick As Thieves”, featuring an arts-and-crafts history of the world, Mattson takes the usual dog-and-pony artsy rodeo and keeps the spectacle nicely paced while his low-key crooning rides the wave of rock.

Hate to say it, NY timelapse-ers: perhaps you’ve been one-upped.