This morning, as space nerds cheered on, the Discovery orbiter took off from Kennedy Space Center for its final flight, but this time around it wasn’t propelled by two solid rocket boosters on a launchpad, it was whisked down a runway while attached to a specially modified 747. The retired space shuttle flew to Washington, D.C. to buzz a few monuments and then on to its final resting place at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Virginia. Next week, Enterprise, the only shuttle that never actually made it into space, will be delivered to New York City, where it too will do some flybys of landmarks before landing at JFK Airport. From there it will be put on a barge and sailed up the Hudson River and then hoisted onto the deck of the Intrepid. Endeavour will eventually make its way to Los Angeles and NASA will keep Atlantis for its own at their Florida complex. (Photo: @NASA)