Oh, NASA! You’re a champ. Despite the budget cuts, outsourcing to Russia and lost space station codes, the scientists at NASA have had a pretty incredible year. They stuck Curiosity Rover on Mars, implemented a number of programs encouraging young and professional women in the field, have put our fears about the Apocalypse to rest, not to mention that they gave us that dude.

And now, there’s Black Marble, a view of planet Earth at night. Inspired by the iconic 1972 photograph of Earth titled Blue Marble taken 28,000 miles away by astronauts on the Apollo 17, NASA released new images of the planet illuminated only by the artificial light.

The images are composite shots of 2.5 terabytes worth of imagery, collected by a satellite during 312 orbits around earth. The shots have been “cleaned up” removing all natural lights like gas flares, auroras and reflected moonlight, with the exception of wildfires across Australia… for some reason. According to badass photographer Rebecca Roth of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, these are the most detailed nighttime shots of the planet EVER.