The National Guard will not conduct an internal investigation into the death of an 82-year-old man who was killed by one of its trucks last week, Streetsblog is reporting. Kwok Fu, 82, was crossing Canal Street when a truck heading to pick up supplies at the Javits Center ran a red light and struck him.

According to National Guard spokesman Eric Durr, the convoy of trucks was escorted by the NYPD, which gave it license to ignore traffic signals. “Generally a convoy tries to stay together, and that is why there’s a police escort. Stop and think: When the president is in town he has a police escort, right?” he said. “Does he go through red lights?”

The problem with this explanation of the event: it directly conflicts with the accounts of several eyewitnesses and media reports. “It was not immediately clear that this convoy of trucks was not going to stop at the red light,” said David Trimble, who witnessed the crash. “There were no blaring horns, sirens, or anything else. The pedestrian was not jaywalking or trying to beat the convoy.” “I did not see a police escort,” he added.

After the two recent incidents in which the NYPD billed people for damages after crashing police cruisers into them, I have to wonder if the National Guard will be sending Fu’s family an invoice.

(Photo: EL337/Reddit)