Netherlands Officially Kills Its Weed Tourism Industry

Last year, dickish conservative politicians in the Netherlands announced their plan to restrict foreigners from the best thing the nation has to offer: high quality cannabis cafes. [An employee who shall remain hyphenated protests that the Van Gogh museum is worth a visit. She has been fired. –Ed.] This would be disastrous for cities like Amsterdam where weed, served up menu-style, is a huge draw for tourists, and so lawyers representing these coffee shops tried to block the measure. But a judge has ruled against them and the restrictive law will be implemented almost immediately in some parts of the country. By next year, it will affect all of Holland, but hey, the Dutch do have other things to offer and surely their bike lanes, canals, windmills, and tours of the Heineken factory can attract throngs of travelers like their weed bars do. (Photo: Terrazzo/flickr)