ratThe teaser to David Cronenberg’s adaptation of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis got me all giddy, pumped with that good old disgusting Videodrome and The Brood feel, so here’s the newest trailer. It’s “The First Film About Our New Millenium.” There’s a good tinge of the futuristic, but lower your expectations of the classic Cronenberg gore. It is, however, laden with New York now signifiers — the he’s-a-sleek-rich-guy exposition (so 1%, but romanticized) juxtaposed with protestors (so 99%, but with Molotovs), giant inflatable protest rats (like those giant inflatable protest rats) and NY taxis, graffitied limos, etc. etc. You’re looking at Toronto in Manhattan drag. Did I see a little bit of rat chucking into fancy cafes? That’s so Voina, but they threw cats. Mmm, zeitgeisty.