“Molecule” is a newly opened water shop on East 10th (between Avenue A and 1st.) They sell tap water–after they filter it through a great big ol’ water filter.

I can’t get too upset by Molecule. At least the water’s local; NYC tap water should be a point of civic pride for both its quality and the dozens of lives that sandhogs have given in building our underwater water tunnels over the years. I’m not too worried about fluoride and chlorine or the microscopic copepod crustaceans that come pouring out of our taps, but maybe you want your tap water as pure as possible before you pay extra to have Molecule add the parasitic Tibetan fungus cordyceps. For your health! DNA Info explains:

From there, customers can walk in off the street for a single 16-ounce serving, with their choice of supplements such as an immunity or energy boost.
“Our supplements are based on medicinal herbs and roots from around the world,” said Ruhf, who said he worked with chemists and nutritionists to create the mixes.
Ingredients have been gathered from far and wide, such as the cordyceps mushroom, which has been know to help the immune system and grows in Tibet, Nepal and China, he explained.
A serving of the supplemented water costs $2 and is mixed on the spot. A “To Go Glass” of water runs $2.50. A gallon costs $3.

If you can’t recall where you’ve heard of cordyceps before, perhaps the above picture of the fungus erupting from a wasp after its spores infested the brain of the insect and mind-controlled it to crawl to the top of a tree where its fruiting bodies can erupt from the seams of its chitinous armor to jet clouds of new spores out over the forest floor will jar your memory. I bet cordyceps tastes delicious. Or does after its spores have convinced your brain of its merit. See you at Molecule (and subsequently the nearest tall building)! (Inset image: EV Grieve)