After three years of setbacks and legal wrangling, New Jersey’s first medical cannabis dispensary finally opened in Montclair today. A 40 minute drive west of Manhattan, the Green Leaf Compassion Center promises legit, 100 percent legal weed to anyone with the right set of symptoms.

The New York Times was on hand to report on the opening, a relatively subdued affair. “It’s a comforting experience,” said Joseph Stevens, chief executive of the center. “They’ve lived in the shadows for so many years. He added that dispensary was a place sick people could “feel safe, have no fear of prosecution, and go home.”

Stevens and his business partner, Julio Valentin Jr., seem serious about ensuring that Green Leaf Compassion Center remains a serious, medically-oriented place. Stevens, for his part, says he’s even been keeping the fourth Crack Commandment: when asked if he’d ever tried his own product, Stevens responded, “No, I don’t. I just don’t like it.”

(Photo: Park Ranger/Flickr)