Arial photographer and design maven Alex MacLean can see down your shirt. In his new book, Up on the Roof: New York’s Hidden Skyline Spaces, MacLean exhibits over 180 photographs of rooftops around New York City, captured from a helicopter. From the pristine garden and reflecting pool atop Rockerfeller Center to the one-acre Brooklyn Grange Farm, the images hint at an underground scene above our heads. In a city that has spent its history trying to get as close into the sky as possible, “rooftops will be the lungs of the denser city of the future,” writes architecture critic Robert Campbell in the introduction to the book.

The book boasts photographs 11 by 17 inches, which allows for truly impressive detail for arial photographs. So next time you’re having a drink on the roof, may sure your shirt is buttoned all the way up. Alex MacLean may be flying by.