I think we all know the police treat white dudes better than they treat black dudes. A new poll conducted by the New York Times last week reveals that most New Yorkers are willing to admit know that, too: 64% of New Yorkers polled, in fact. Of the white residents polled, 48% indicated they believed they were treated better than black residents, and 80% of black New Yorkers polled agreed that things aren’t exactly equal. Despite this general judgment, this new poll remains consistent with the poll conducted by Quinnipiac University two weeks ago, which showed that white voters in New York City tend to approve of stop and frisk tactics: 48% of all New Yorkers polled by the Times said they approve of stop and frisk practices. (Of the 700,000 people stopped and frisked last year, nearly 87% were black or Latino.) (Photo: Alan Greig/Flickr)