A quick perusal of today’s Craigslist New York missed connections reveals a few gems. “TAKE THE RISK, WHAT IS IT THAT YOU HAVE TO LOSE,” pleads one. “Questionable if you had on drawers, red sneakers, about 8″ hard black dick, which you showed to me, standing across the street, sitting on the bench, and made it bounce when you stood up,” reads another. Of course, not all are quite so desperate and/or erotic. “Hi there! Met you last night at the ball field while you were walking your dog. You didn’t come back and I didn’t get a chance to get/give your info,” begs a 40-year-old man of “Laura at E. 59th Ball Field.”

New Yorkers Lisa Park and Adria Navarro are hoping to subvert these (tamer) missed connections, “bringing them back into the public space” via their street art project I Wish I Said Hello. The two artists illustrate and summarize particularly poignant missed connections on bright, slightly cutesy stickers, then place them at the sites where the failed social interactions went down.

“A smile, a thought, a question, curiosity,” Navarro said when asked what type of reaction he hoped the stickers would elicit from passers-by. “Or just joy for something visually interesting that adorns the street. I’m happy with just provoking a reaction.”

“We find there‚Äôs something poetic about this desperate hope for the reencounter, but also something very ironic about using the internet as the tool to achieve it,” reads the project’s website. “Our goal is not to be another platform for reconnection, rather than a celebration of everyday poetics, a physical mapping of a digital network, a commentary on the role of technology in human communication.”