What an awesome attic find. Kristian St. Clair’s great uncle was something of a cameraman, long before that was a thing. Check out this incredible footage of New York City he shot in 1932 his great niece recently had transferred to HD.

I can’t believe how turned around I get watching it. The skyline at the beginning: that’s shot from the East River, right? Or is that the Hudson? The street scenes must be Times Square—but maybe I’m only saying that because of that kickass “Scarface” billboard looming out over some cinema, and the marquee advertising burlesque down the street. Despite these moments of foreignness, this is undeniably New York City. Our videographer probably had quite a cumbersome set-up, and surely would have attracted a lot of attention had he been filming on a corner in, say, Boise. But all these behatted New York City pedestrians barely glance at the camera, used to being filmed as they are, and merely glance down the road for the next ideal time to jaywalk their way through the afternoon.