It’s like an urban legend you hear before moving to New York: outdoor space is so rare, if you want to see the sky you have to rent a backyard for $100.00 an hour. But it’s not an urban legend, it’s reality, and in fact, this is the Lower East Side’s second year of backyard timeshare success. Jessica Resler and Jacqui Kavanagh established the hourly outdoor rental service last summer, and were pretty shocked at its success. “When we first launched it, we thought, ‘oh maybe this will be interesting to about 30 people,'” says Resler, “And one day we walked into our office and we had 1,000 emails come in from people that wanted to rent the space or were curious about it.” The timeshare is located on a dreadfully hip stretch of Ludlow, and is tricked out with pink flamingos and, you know, “street art.” But if $100.00 an hour isn’t your style, check out the backyard on Friday afternoons, when the whole lot is free for the sitting in.

(Photo: Hobo Matt/Flickr)