As the “unsatisfactory” ratings for New York City teachers continue to increase, the number of the City’s principals who meet or exceed expectations has seen a spike, as well. Last year’s ratings have been released, and according to the ratings, 94% of principals in New York passed with flying colors. This was the same year during which 2.7% of teachers received unsatisfactory ratings, a percent up from 2.3% the previous year.

But it’s unlikely the grade imbalance is because New York’s principals are more competent than their teachers. Teachers’ unions have been negotiating with the city on a more accurate and reasonable evaluation system. If a school’s test scores improve, it effectively guarantees that school’s principal will receive a higher grade, as 85% of principals’ grades are based on student performance. The guidelines for evaluating teachers are a lot less clear. (Photo: Judy Baxter/Flickr)