New York’s Voting Lines Are the New Gas Lines

When it takes an average of two hours to exercise your constitutional right to vote, there is little else to do but enrich the internet with pictures of that very line as you slowly inch your way towards democracy. Here a snapshot of what New Yorkers are enduring to make their voices heard.

Courtney Spritzer @courtspritzer: “The never ending voting line.” Taken at Baruch College – William snd Anita Newman Vertical Campus On Lexington and E 24th.

Harvey Silikovitz H-Bomb @hbomb_worldwide“A long line of people waiting to vote at my local high school. Impressive how high the turnout is, considering that NY isn’t exactly a contested state.” Taken in Manhattan.

Sandra Coyle @sandracoy: “Polling line M and 16th”

Rubina Fillion @rubinafillion: “Furby isn’t registered to vote. But he did his civic duty today, cheering up the voters in line.” Taken at Public School 9 on Undermill and St. Marks

Rubina Fillion @rubinafillion: “Never seen so many people at a polling place. This is what Prospect Heights, Brooklyn looks like.”

Matthew T Kopel @mkopel: “Poll worker at Polish-Slavic Center in Greenpoint says she has 7 of the 20 workers she’s supposed to.” Taken at 177 Kent St in Greenpoint

Gilly Youner ‏@gillyarcht“These amazing folks including young Nico Hall are donating to @rhookinitiative while waiting on line to #votenyc”

Jason Bailey ‏@jasondashbailey: “Longest lines I’ve ever seen at an NYC polling place.”

Matt Spangler ‏@mattspangler“Inspiring line wrapping around a city block on 14th St to #vote #NYC #Obama”

Brian A. Jones @BAlexJones“Harlem for Obama #harlem #nyc #barackobama #obama #barackthevote #vote”

Mo Scarpelli ‏@moscarpelli: “Lines are abt an hour and a half long off Graham Ave, Brooklyn. #vote #linetime #brooklyn #nyc #ne”

Ruthie Davis ‏@Ruthie_Davis: “In line to vote in West Chelsea NYC. Let’s do this!”

(Featured Photo: Dan Nguyen)