Republican crazer and presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was campaigning on Florida’s Space Coast this week and in what has to be the most obvious political pandering moments of all time, told the adoring crowds that by his second term, he’d build a “permanent base on the moon and it will be American.”

“I come at space from a standpoint of a romantic belief that it really is part of our destiny, and it has been tragic to see what has happened to our space program over the last 30 years,” said Gingrich who is running neck and neck with wealthy tax evader Mitt Romney.

This is a markedly different tone from when he was Speaker of the House in 1995 and teaching a class at Georgia’s Reinhardt College, where he infamously told students “that they’d be better off” if NASA had “disbanded” after the Apollo moon landings. His press flack quickly retreated on the statement and said Gingrich was just being a “college professor talking about his ideas of the way things should work,” and not advocating for the dismantling of the space agency. It should also be noted, that under his leadership (and President Clinton’s), the budget for NASA was slashed by $715 million during his first year as speaker. Not surprisingly, he likes to lie about other things as well.