“Shutting down the tunnel project extinguished the best hope to relieve the increasing congestion not only between New Jersey and Manhattan, but also along the popular high-speed route between Boston and Washington. Now, Amtrak and New Jersey trains share two 100-year-old single-track tunnels under the Hudson. As the report notes, those tracks now operate at capacity, and demand for mass transit between New Jersey and Manhattan is expected to grow 38 percent by 2030.

One 15-minute disruption, the report said, ripples out to affect 15 other Amtrak and New Jersey trains. Last month, problems on the two tracks on two consecutive days sent delays rippling out along the Northeast.”

According to a report by the federal Government Accountability Office, New Jersey governor Chris Christie misstated the costs of a planned train tunnel between New Jersey and Manhattan, instead routing $4 billion from the project into the state’s transportation trust fund that was nearly bankrupt due to the state’s second-lowest-in-the-nation gasoline tax. (Photo: Chris Christie negotiates tunnel between New Jersey and Israel.)