Photographer Yannick Gotthardt took the Bedford Avenue L and Union Square subway stations as his galleries for his photography “No Clarity Without Chillness.” Together with curator Justus Ramm, who acted as videographer as well, Gotthardt created interactive pop-up galleries the work in which was free for the taking or altering, and in so doing, he sort of messed with the ideas of both art galleries and of subway stations. Ramm describes the project, “this attempt deconstructs the uses and practices of public space by transforming art reception and its labelling. The disruptive effect on this functional, meaningless and diffuse perspective was reflected through specific works of the photographer.”

The video is pretty interesting: people don’t really know what to do with “fine” art in the subway. You can see people almost struggling to gloss over the photographs the way they would with the more ubiquitous sticker or throwie. And no one seems to really grasp the interactive quality. Not till the very end of the Bedford L part of the video does someone dare to touch the photographs, and that dude just takes ’em all.