Uber, the much-ballyhooed black car and cab-hailing service that allows you to arrange and pay for a ride via your smartphone, has surreptitiously pulled its taxi business from New York, according to a report from the Verge. The company launched its cab service in September, flouting warnings from the city’s Taxi and Limo Commission that it would be in violation of several regulations, and now, it’s telling drivers to return their equipment.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick maintains that business is still on, telling the Verge that the company has had “some difficulties¬†due to the lack of support from the TLC,” but is going to “continue for as long as we can.” But drivers are telling a different story, saying they were called in to Uber headquarters under the guise of receiving payment, only to be told that the show is over. “They said they’re no longer doing the taxi thing any more,” said one cabbie. “They’re collecting the phones back.”

Uber’s black car service, which offers (significantly more expensive) pre-arranged rides, has the TLC’s blessing and will continue.

(Photo: Pascal Subtil/Flickr)