For thirty-five years, motorists have been unable to use four spots near the intersection of Ocean Parkway and Avenue H for no other reasons than negligence and greed. The culprit is a “No Parking” sign erected for a 1977 sewage project–and not only left there, but replaced every few years, garnering tickets from those who’ve parked there anyway. The discovery was made by irate resident Ellen Stein, who called the DOT after continual frustration with the block’s parking situation and noticing that the no parking area wasn’t even by any commercial/emergency areas. Upon her calling, the DOT admitted that the signs existence was nothing but a holdover, and “promised to come and inspect the site and review the signage”. No word on whether or not they’ll apologize for screwing over local drivers for nearly forty years.

(Photo: Myriam Bardino/Flickr)