Following the subway outages that happened in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, there’s been some speculation as to whether the MTA would refund a portion of or extend unlimited weekly and monthly Metrocards purchased before the storm–after all, there was a solid week in which the subway system was basically useless, yet our cards were still draining by the day.

And now the answer has come, and it is a resounding “no.” An MTA official speaking under anonymity to the New York Times said that refunding the cards would be a “logistical nightmare,” and that he didn’t know if and why it would be any more difficult than it was in 2005, when monthly and weekly passes were extended by three days after a transit workers strike.

Gene Russianoff of the riders’ advocacy group the Straphangers Campaign, was not surprised by the decision. “There’s no way to really calculate the number of trips not taken by the riders,” he said. “At least this time they offered free fares on the Thursday and Friday after the hurricane. I thought that was a good gesture to the riding public.”

(Photos: MTAPhotos/Flickr)