There’s a medium-security prison for women in Chelsea and despite this fact, a towering luxury condo complex right next door is having no problem selling apartments. According to the New York Times, the last unsold unit was just taken off the market at 100 11th Avenue, a building where residential spaces sell for about $1850 per square foot in spite of the economy and the fact that the wildly notorious Bayview Correctional Facility is adjacent to it.

Apparently it’s all in the wording:

“We called it the naughty girls’ club,” said Holly Parker, a managing director at Prudential Douglas Elliman and the director of sales at the Nouvel building. “We never said the p-word.”

And it worked. One resident said it kind of keeps things interesting for visiting friends:

“I show my friends when they come over,” said Joseph Wald, as he walked his two French bulldogs around the block. “There’s the view of the water, there’s the view of the city, and there’s the view of the prison. It’s a great conversation starter.”

So how do these inmates feel about treated like exhibits in a human zoo?

One woman, who works for a resident of the building, said that once in a while, she will wave at the inmates. The response, unfortunately, is not always friendly.

“They’ve flipped us off a couple of times,” she said with a smile.

In all fairness, we probably would too.