Lately, when I hear the term “flashmob,” I immediately call to mind the image of a bunch of weirdo theater majors doing the “Thriller” dance or wearing stupid zombie outfits or not wearing pants or whatever else. Leave it to NPR to class up the whole neologism—with a tribute to Philip Glass, no less. For the iconic composer’s 75th birthday, NPR teamed up with Glass to arrange part of his “digital opera” Monsters of Grace from 1997 for a soloist and an eight-part chorus. They then pulled together over 200 singers, amateur and otherwise (some of whom had simply been walking by at the time). Throw in the unbelievable voice of soprano soloist Rachel Rosales and the renown choral conductor Kent Tritle, and you have a goosebump-inducing public performance completely unlike 90% of the baloney that passes through Times Square every day.