Did you get all that? The Moonshiner, a newspaper/art piece from Jack Laughner and Peter J Hoffmeister, hopes to raise awareness about the police state the pair says we’re all living in. And though there’s plenty of real evidence in New York City to support that claim, the two artists created a fictional narrative around a character named Malcom Ford to illustrate the oppressive nature of the cops. Also, there are no articles–the paper is “primarily visual,” according to the artists.

Which is great! Fiction is great, art is great, and keeping a watchful eye over the police departments of the world is definitely great. Labeling the work as a newspaper, however is puzzling to me (as is the weighty, V for Vendetta-style voiceover of the video above), but hey, to each his own. The thing looks beautiful, and it seems like Laughner and Hoffmeister plan to distribute it for free, which, in addition to everything above, is also great.

The artists distributed Moonshiner’s first issue at art museums around the city last month, and plan to fund the rest of the project via Kickstarter. They’re doing pretty well so far.