(Before: left, After: right)

The New York City Department of Health launched a new advertising campaign warning people that if they drink super-sized soda from fast food spots, it could make them very overweight, contradict diabetes, and lose a limb. They articulate this via an image of a one legged man sitting on a stool. But as the New York Times reports, it was Photoshop, not diabetes that amputated the man’s leg.

The health department has used amputees before, like in these eerie anti-smoking testimonials, but apparently couldn’t find one to suit their needs, so they hired an actor, a policy which the agency’s spokesperson defended thusly:

“Sometimes we use individuals who are suffering from the particular disease; other times we have to use actors,” said John Kelly, a health department spokesman. “We might stop using actors in our ads if the food industry stops using actors in theirs.”

NYC: Defender of deceptive advertising!