There are nearly 1.1 million students in New York City public schools, and about 70% of those students are black or latino. The police arrested 882 public school students last year, and 95% of those arrested students were black or Latino. These percentages brought to you by the NYCLU, who have been poring over a year’s worth of data about police activities on New York City public schools. Unsurprisingly, the NYCLU are not fans. In fact, they’ve filed a suit against the New York Police department for it’s “practice of wrongfully arresting and using excessive force against children.” “We’ve now collected a year’s worth of data demonstrating how the impact of heavy-handed policing in city schools falls squarely on the shoulders of black students and young men, who are being subjected to a disproportionate number of arrests at school, Donna Lieberman told reporters. Lieberman is the executive director of the civil liberties group. “If the Bloomberg administration is serious about helping young men of color succeed, then it must address these disparities and focus more resources on educating children, not arresting them.” There are 5,100 NYPD officers on New York City public school campuses. There are 3,000 guidance counselors. Priorities.