Many have tried and failed, but it finally seems like an indoor velodrome will be built in New York City. And it’s only going take $40 million to make it happen. That’s the amount that Josh Rechnitz, a really cool rich guy and cyclist, has pledged to the city to underwrite the costs of the massive facility planned at Pier5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. The press release for the project outlines its awesomeness and smartness in adding a multipurpose sports element to ensure success, cause it would never get support if it were only designed for bikes:

The Fieldhouse is envisioned to include a 115,000 sq. ft. indoor recreation center with a 200-meter inclined track for cycling and a 22,000 sq. ft. infield for high school, collegiate, club-level and professional sporting events, such as basketball, tennis, track cycling, volleyball, and gymnastics. It also includes key amenities for the park such as a public boathouse, public restrooms, and maintenance and operations space for BBPC.

It sounds great and the location right off the Brooklyn waterfront is impeccable, but if that much money is going to be spent to construct a top shelf velodrome, can’t they find room for an extra 50 meters of track so that it’s up to Olympic standards (250 meters) and can be used to host world class cycling events? The actual development of the site isn’t expected until 2014, so there’s still plenty of time to sort it out, assuming Mr. Rechnitz and the powers to be agree this is an issue. (Image: Schuermann Architects)