NYC’s Mormons Weigh In On Romney

11.05.12 Andy Cush

There are thousands of Mormons in New York City–the latest figure we could find was 4,853, in 2007, and the number has likely grown since then–and not all plan to vote along religious lines tomorrow. WNYC recently profiled some of our city’s Latter Day Saints and found people on all areas of the political spectrum. There was Lisa Ligbee, who said she “loves” Obama, but composed a song for Romney anyway (sample lyric: “Mister Romney! Mister Romney!/ You can help your country with your brave and generous ways”), Emily Kunz, a Republican who’s upset with the way the election has put her religion under the microscope, and Kristina Petersen, a Democrat biochemist who’s grateful for the demystification of Mormonism that’s happened since Romney’s candidacy. “I think at first the Mormon thing was a deal breaker,” said Petersen. “People were like, ‘They believe in a prophet — what is this?'”

(Photo: davelawrence8/Flickr)