Beefy is a bulldog from the Upper West Side who skateboards. He’s also an internet sensation, apparently, though I’d never seen him before today. He sure is cute, though! Look at that fat, smiling face, ridin’ that board. Now, Beefy and his owners are trying to break the viral vid paradigm by using his shreddin’ talents in the name of a greater good.

Patrick and Erin Clemens, Beefy’s owners, are taking him and his board across the country in the name of breast cancer research. The plan is to take Beefy to various U.S. cities and use adorable his skateboarding skills to attract spectators while educators from awareness organization Boarding for Breast Cancer teach about the disease. “Cancer awareness is a heavy topic,” says Patrick Clemens. “We want to bring Beefy along for comic relief, so people can still smile about things.”

Beefy and his crew hope to roll through Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin, Chicago, Boston, and Atlanta, among others. They’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign to help them finance the tour.