On Monday, the National Press Photographers Association has joined five elected officials and a dozen members of the press in a lawsuit against a hefty shit list: the City of New York, the MTA, the New York Police Department, Brookfield Properties and JP Morgan Chase. The latter reportedly donated $4.6 million to the NYPD in 2010.

Sam Cohen, one of the attorneys working on the case, explains:

“This is a lawsuit about our First Amendment freedoms, but it is also about accountability. The City of New York spends over $100 million per year to resolve claims of police misconduct, and denies that police misconduct is a problem requiring reform. We disagree.”

NPPA joined the lawsuit on behalf of 7,000 active press photographers represented by the organization, Stephanie Keith being one of them. Keith is among many photojournalists who have faced brutal abuse and violation of personal liberties while doing their job and reporting on the Occupy movement. In an official statement from the NPPA Keith had the following to say:

“I joined this lawsuit because as a working journalist I’ve been arrested, thrown to the ground, hit with batons and yelled at by the NYPD while doing my job on assignment. I have seen my fellow journalists being treated this way as well. Why should journalists be subjected to trauma inducing harassment on the job?”

The plaintiffs are seeking monetary compensation as well as an injunction forcing the NYPD to abide by the constitution. Ironic, we know. Maybe JP Morgan can cover that tab too. (Image: Stephanie Keith)