A lot of people have been comparing Bloomberg to a proponent of prohibition in light of his proposed soda ban, and for the most part, it’s been a rhetorical device to express, you know, dissatisfaction. But it wasn’t rhetoric that busted into one Greenpoint bar in July and, like a page out of the history books, threw everyone out onto the streets and poured all the liquor and beer down the drain. It was the NYPD. David Kelleran, the owner of Coco66 at the time, is now suing the NYPD for its erroneous raid—that’s right, the bar’s liquor license was totally valid. The license of Kelleran’s other establishment next door had expired after his check bounced, so one can understand the confusion. Except, wait, he had ten days to make the payment complete, and only five days had elapsed. And, maybe more to the point, since when do cops destroy thousands of dollars of worth of evidence in a raid? As Kelleran’s lawyer put it, “There’s no provision of the Alcohol Beverage and Control Law that calls for the wholesale destruction of private property.”