Nineteen-year-old Sean Pagan may or may not have been writing graffiti in the 45th Street Street N/R station last night, but the intense body slam he received from the cop frisking him hardly seems like appropriate punishment. In this video, captured by David Galarza of La Casita Comunal de Sunset Park, a community activist group, we see an NYPD transit cop hold Pagan against the wall and frisk him. When Pagan accuses the officer of becoming too physically invasive with his frisk, the cop pauses before suddenly grabbing the kid around the middle and slamming him to the ground. Twice. An advertisement is ripped from the wall during the struggle. The officer then puts Pagan in a headlock despite the fact that after the second tackle, Pagan is categorically not resisting.

Galarza asks the cop his name, (while telling Pagan not to resist arrest), and is accused of interfering—and then in an extremely awkward turn of events, the unnamed officer’s badge falls off his uniform. In Spanish, Galarza tells Pagan not to say anything and to ask for a lawyer, as the arresting officer sheepishly and faux-macho-ly picks up his badge from the station floor.