An NYU course on transnational terrorism is asking students to plot out an imaginary terrorist attack in a 10- to 15- page paper, including “methods of execution, sources of funding, number of operatives needed and the target government’s reaction.” According to the New York Post, law enforcement officials are outraged–even though the class is intended to prepare students for careers in intelligence policing, and the assignment asks for a counter-terrorism plan as well. “I’m disgusted,” said one police officer. “What is this, we have our students do the work for the terrorists?”

Marie-Helen Maras, the former Navy criminal investigator who teaches the class, iss unrepentant. “The exercise is meant to prepare students for the field, to prepare them for careers in intelligence, policing, counterterrorism. This is a grad-level assignment for a grad-level course,” she said. “Why didn’t the police call me if they have concerns? I have NYPD officers in my class.”

(Photo: Josh Gross/Flickr)