oakland_policeA month after the NYPD sort-of apologized for pushing and hassling a photographer, here comes a new video shot at an Occupy Oakland protest. Watch a photographer get arrested for complying with police orders.

What we see here is a photographer backing away as a group of cops advance at him, ordering him to move behind “the line.” There doesn’t appear to be a visible line, but the man walks backwards hurriedly anyway, screaming “What line? I don’t see a line!” Several feet later, the spectacle turns into an odd race, the photographer still attempting to comply these directionally vague orders and ends in a brusk arrest. Just a little safety tip if you’ve already been videotaped/profiled by the police… Expect challenges.

Yet, it could have been worse. Here’s a video from Oakland’s anti-police violence protest over the weekend that turned violent. Despite the odd troublemaker, Occupy organizers say the march was predominantly peaceful, while the OPD says the protest was made up of “mainly the more hard-core agitators” … who brought in a bubble making machine. Keep your eye out at 0:17 as a police officer knocks an unarmed woman off her bike, the hits her again hard enough to knock her down into the street and then gets really excited with his nightstick out and commences to enthusiastically hit her with it. At least she didn’t have a camera?