Occupation Roundup: Day 161

02.24.12 Bucky Turco

Keeping up with the Occupy Wall Street protest movement is a daunting task for news outlets big and small, so from here on in, we’ll be doing a frequent roundup of the latest goings-on (Photo: ANIMALNewYork)

Day 161

  • Prosecutors in New York are just stoking the flames and fostering lots of discussion about privacy and potential constitutional abuse by demanding to see several months worth of tweets posted (and later deleted) by Malcolm Harris, a protester arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge last year.
  • An app that offered Occupy protesters an alternative to Twitter has been occupied, by investment capital.
  • Fox Business News is still obsessed with children’s movies and shouty racist person Lou Dobbs is convinced that The Lorax is basically a way for Hollywood to indoctrinate kids with Occupy Wall Street rhetoric.
  • Occupy Wall Streeters love to film their meetings, protests and apparently, births in the back of a cab.
  • Despite the name, OWS says it’s not affiliated with a conference being planned in Philly to pick ‘Occupy’ delegates.
  • It’s quite possible that there’s an asshole banker who is very proud of being part of the 1% on the loose in LA and he tips like a European.