NYU president John Sexton is planning a huge expansion of the school’s campus, a move that has been widely criticized by some faculty members, who claim that the numbers Sexton used to justify the plan were exaggerated. Last night, those professors got a hold of Occupy Wall Street’s Illuminator, a van outfitted with a bat-signal-style projector that displays giant images and slogans in areas where protests are happening. Protesters used the Illuminator to light up the walls of Bobst Library, projecting such slogans as “Condemned by NYU,” “NYU: Too Big to Fail?,” and “Hey NYU: Expand minds, NOT property.”

“The real identity of the illuminator is like Batman, no one really knows for sure,” said Daniel Latorre, who was manning the van. “It’s better to keep it mysterious, because the illuminator is not about ego but bringing light to different issues.”

For images of the protesters’ NYU projections, head to DNAinfo.