ANIMAL will be out in the field covering the one-year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Frequent updates forthcoming.

Above: Police clashing with protesters on corner of Broadway and Liberty Plaza as arrests are made. (10:13am)

Man in wheelchair is taken into custody. (10:17am)

Police won’t anyone without an ID go south past Pine Street on the east side of Broadway. (10:22am)

There’s rows of officers on foot and horseback blocking entrance to Wall Street. Anyone who wants to enter must show a work ID. (10:27am)

There’s a loud contingent of occupiers playing instruments in front of Trinity Church. Some are banging drum sticks against signs and police barricades. (10:35am)

The scene inside Liberty Plaza is surprisingly serene with the majority of occupiers out marching. (10:45am)

On the western side of Liberty Plaza, artist Joe Dillion III is creating one of a kind works using a spinning palette. (11:07am)

Occupy Wall Street signage near Trinity Church. (11:16am)

Occupier touting a combo anti-Romney/anti-Obama sign. (11:24am)

Lots of NYPD officers guarding the symbolic “Wall Street Bull,” which ironically is an illegal piece of street art gifted to the city in the 80s by Arturo Di Modica. (11:41am)

Code Pink is in the house along with a small group of occupiers resting near Bowling Green. (11:50am)

A police helicopter — one of many — hovering noisily above Lower Manhattan, specifically the old U.S. Customs Building. (12:03pm)

Large group of police officers with zip cuffs mobilizing and standing just outside of Battery Park where the majority of protesters have assembled. (12:12pm)

Protesters carrying mock NYPD concrete barriers in Battery Park.(12:16pm)

Last time we saw NBC’s Chris Glorioso was on the night of the Liberty Plaza raid, when an officer from the NYPD’s DCPI unit tore the press pass off his neck for reporting on the raid. (12:39pm)

Hundreds are now gathered at Liberty Plaza. (1:03pm)

Giant “Bain Capital” mascot is a hit with occupiers inside Liberty Plaza. (2:33pm)

Crowds at Liberty Plaza continue to swell.(2:37pm)

Angry occupier yells at anti-Semitic one, tells him to “take his nazi crap elsewhere.” (2:45pm)

Each one of these police vans parked along Church Street are packed with officers. (4:29pm)

Brookfield security with a NYPD escort just removed two pizza boxes with bread in them from Liberty Plaza, prompting cheers from the crowd. (4:37pm)

A group of protesters returning from a march celebrate triumphantly in Liberty Plaza. (4:49pm)

OWS drum circle, moments ago. (5:15pm)

An occupier sells customized Guy Fawkes masks for $10 a pop. (5:38pm)

The occupation just got really real: Actor Wallace Shawn just arrived to show his support and presumably have people ask him if he’s the guy from Princess Bridge. (5:51pm)