A group associated with Occupy Wall Street put out a press release taking credit for a “fare strike” of sorts at several subway stations Wednesday morning. Participants posted mock transit notices offering “free entry” to riders and “chained open service gates and taped up turnstiles.” According to the Daily News, “police and transit sources” confirmed that “thick chains with padlocks were discovered on the gates” at six stations throughout the city. The team says it coordinated “with rank and file workers from the Transport Workers Union Local 100 and the Amalgamated Transit Union” to protest the MTA’s wicked ways, particularly their out of control spending and borrowing:

“Instead of using our tax money to properly fund transit, Albany and City Hall have intentionally starved transit of public funds for over twenty years; the MTA must resort to bonds (loans from Wall Street) to pay for projects and costs. The MTA is legally required to funnel tax dollars and fares away from transportation costs and towards interest on these bonds, called “debt service.” This means Wall Street bondholders receive a huge share of what we put into the system through the Metrocards we buy and the taxes we pay: more than $2 billion a year goes to debt service, and this number is expected to rise every year. If trends continue, by 2018 more than one out of every five dollars of MTA revenue will head to a banker’s pockets.”

(Photo: @Natasha Lennard)